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  • Why Choose Us

    Mwingi T.T.C allows you to achieve your education goals within the stipulated time and affordable fees.

  • Adequate Learning Facilities

    With a well equiped Ultra-Library, qualified tutors, and our partiner sch..! You are guaranteed the best value for your money.

  • Affordable Fees

    With our affordable fees and flexible payments terms, your college fee payment will be as easy as A.b.c.d.. .

Anyone who joins Mwingi T.T.C, We believe they are ~Walking In Devine Proffession.


We give our trainees leadership positions that help them grow leadership skills hence making them fit cormftable in the market....

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With our 2 Partiner schools, we execute Teaching Practise for the trainees enabling them gain a First Start experience on their teaching careers...

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Utmost Satisfaction in provided to all our trainees regardless of their Race or Religion...

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